Vindemia Winery

Inspired by her visits to Guatemala in the past, The Root Collective Founder Bethany Tran thought that to solve the poverty crisis, individuals not only needed an education, but they needed the promise of a job. So, The Root Collective developed relationships with local weavers and shoemakers there, and began a business committed to employing men and women to make unique, quality shoes with a timeless design.

The Root Collective is dedicated to fighting poverty in undeveloped countries by providing work opportunities and reviving dying trades. TRC is also dedicated to sustainability as they seek more eco-friendly methods of production. They currently package their products in recyclable and biodegradable materials and prioritize the treatment and payment of their employees. The result is a comfortable, versatile, fashionable shoe, made by a Guatemalan man or woman that was previously facing poverty. With every purchase, you make a difference.


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