“When you decide to buy something, you actually buy a dream, you buy a life sometimes for people, so you’re actually supporting much more than a simple purchase, it means much more than that,” said Holy, the founder of The Noces.

Dr. Lily Ros

The Noces was inspired by a woman’s love for her country and culture. Holy was born in Madagascar and has always had a strong passion and adoration for the Malagasy people and culture. The Noces was created as a way to share that culture with the rest of the world.

One of six Malagasy women create each and every Noces product. The Noces works to empower these women to create by means of supporting themselves and their families. Each item is made using traditional techniques, representative of a union of cultures, styles and materials. The Noces also uses all-natural materials and dyes in the production of their bags and jewelry, and all materials are sourced sustainably and locally.

The Noces donates 10 % of their profits each year to local Malagasy charities, and partners with local organizations to support children’s and workers’ rights in Madagascar. The Noces makes a strong and conscious effort to produce a high-quality, well-crafted product that lasts.

"Let’s support each other in making a choice that matters not just for now but for the generations to come," said Holy.

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