The Noces

What started as a simple wedding favor, became The Noces—a handbag company that represents a union of cultures and styles, run by a woman with a desire to share the creations of her native country with the world.

The Noces, meaning wedding or marriage in French, was founded by Holy, a Malagasy woman, who, although raised in France, was born and married in Madagascar. Holy has always had an affinity for the handicrafts of her country and the Malagasy women that create them, and when she was married, she had some of the local women make the favors for the celebration. These beautiful, handmade pieces were tremendously well-received by guests, so much so that Holy started a business sharing these gifts with people everywhere.

All Noces products are handmade from local, high-quality materials such as raffia, cotton and zebu leather using traditional techniques, and each one is created from start to finish by the same woman. All bags are made in limited quantities, as to reduce waste and encourage minimalism in fashion. The Noces also makes a conscious effort to source sustainably and locally, and use all-natural materials and dyes in the production of their bags.