Sud Source

SUDSOURCE is the brainchild of founder, Kathleen O'clock. After having her first baby, Kathleen started to re-think not only what ingredients go into our bath and beauty products, but also how they are packaged. While looking around her bathroom one day, she thought "do we really need a new plastic bottle every time we buy soap, shampoo and lotion? Absolutely Not! What we really need is more of the product." Hence, SUDSOURCE was born. Kathleen has since developed a line of luxurious, organic and eco-friendly body care products without the harmful waste of single use packaging. Not only are the products eco-friendly, but the packaging is as well.

SUDSOURCE offers refills in the Los Angeles Metro area through pop ups and a local delivery system. They are currently working on a compostable pouch refill that will be available through mail delivery in the near future. Take a look at their Movement Page for upcoming pop ups and events and to get your very own refill.


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