"I want people to start looking at their clothing like they look at their food. People understand why it’s so important to eat organic or non-GMO food because of the effects it has on your health. I want to help educate people about all of the chemicals that go into clothing manufacturing and how it’s not only unhealthy for their bodies, but the environment,” said Seam Siren Founder Mary Wurtz.

Seam Siren practices transparency and sustainability with every stage of production from sourcing to assembly. All garments are made from organic and wild-crafted fibers from Nepal; dyed with natural, plant-based pigments; then manufactured here in the US, where workers are offered superior working conditions, and Mary is able to maintain relationships with her employees.

Seam Siren | Nettle Fiber from Nepal

“We’re just trying to make sure the whole company is healthy and that everyone feels seen and appreciated,” said Mary.

Seam Siren also works with a  cooperative in Nepal to support the women that supply the medicinal fibers and fabrics. Mary visits these communities as often as she’s able, but offers her additional support by donating 10% of net profits to this cooperative which supports over 1,000 women and their communities.

With sustainability being of upmost importance, Seam Siren has successfully provided a truly eco-friendly product, right down to the biodegradable packaging and plant-based tags printed in soy ink. In hopes of making herbal fashion the new norm we need, Seam Siren strives to inspire industry-wide collaboration and consumer demand for plant-based fashion with their medicinal clothing.

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