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“Sustainability is not about being perfect. It's about being educated and mindful about our decisions. No one is perfect, but I think that we can all make decisions that make positive impacts for ourselves and generations to come,” said Sage Larock Founder Taryn Larock.

Sage Larock Sustainable Clothing

Sage Larock is dedicated to protecting our forests, our oceans and our future from the fashion industry. Focused entirely on the sustainable and ethical production of their products from fabric to manufacturing, Sage Larock encourages consumers to educate themselves on the impacts of their purchases.

“We’re taking everything into account, and we're being thoughtful and mindful about the way things are produced from both the human and environmental perspective. We're also working with our environmental partners to find creative ways to have the fashion industry make a positive impact and offer consumers something that is more positive,” said Taryn.

Sage Larock works alongside their nonprofit partners Good Shepard, Ghost Divers and Healthy Seas to source the materials for their fabrics from the pollution that threatens our oceans. These partners work to collect and repurpose fishing nets into ECONYL® fabric, used in the production of their active- and swimwear. Together, they work to repurpose pollution into long-lasting products.

Sage Larock also works to combat the shift to offshore production by keeping production local and in-city, which ensures the fair and ethical treatment of their production partners.

“We try to make things as affordable for customers as possible while offering the highest wage and working conditions for the people making the garments that are so talented and wonderful. We're taking into account the environmental and human costs of the fabrics that we use,” said Taryn.

Sage Larock hopes to inspire models, designers, producers and consumers to make a greater effort to change the impacts of the fashion industry on people and planet alike.

“I think that’s very important that whether it's brands or consumers or people in the industry, we should get behind things that are more positive, that will have better sustainable outcomes and that will create diversity and inclusion for everyone.”

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