Sage Larock

Sage Larock is dedicated to creating luxury clothing that is naturally and simply beautiful both inside and out.

Sage Larock was founded by model-turned-designer Taryn Sage Larock, who, having been involved in fashion and modeling for many years, wanted to make a positive impact on an industry where she had seen so much deception and destruction.

Sage Larock is dedicated to sourcing and producing locally, and uses only the most sustainable fabrics, either made from recycled or organic materials and dyed with nontoxic or plant-based dyes. They also prioritize local production which ensures fair treatment and compensation of their workers. Sage Larock strives to create products that last and are timeless, making a considerable effort to steer away from the constantly changing and developing fashion world and to combat it with garments that are versatile and enduring.

Sage Larock aspires to be a brand that can be trusted to provide sustainable clothing options that make a positive impact on women, the environment and the industry as a whole.


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