Pao Tea’s mission is to explore the art of tea and share their findings with tea enthusiasts everywhere. Pao Tea sources their teas from small, family-owned and -operated farms in the mountains of China. These growers are family friends, and thus, Pao Tea is able to maintain relationships and ensure optimal working conditions for their suppliers. In return, they share centuries-old techniques on how to grow, harvest and brew tea.

Pao Tea offers all-natural, no-ingredients-added tea to be brewed and appreciated the way it was meant to be. All of their varieties are whole-leaf teas, as they believe whole-leaf tea better maintains its flavor and effects, and they come in bags of loose leaf or in tea lemons or mandarins.

Pao Tea

A unique and eco-friendly method of tea steeping, Pao Tea presents tea lemons made from a sweet, California-variety lemon and tea mandarins made from dried, aged Mandarin orange—both providing subtle citrus flavors to accompany the tea they hold. The fruits hold the equivalent of 5-6 teabags worth, to either be shared or used again and again.

With an eye for beautiful and sustainable aesthetic design, each tea variety and teaware item is packaged in beautiful bamboo boxes or baskets crafted at the source. Always looking for fresh, creative ways to preserve old-world practices and make tea more fun, Pao Tea also offers loose-leaf tea hand-packed in lemon or mandarin orange peels for easy, earth-friendly brewing and a light infusion of natural citrus flavor.

In an effort to give back and help support the small Chinese village where Pao Tea is farmed, the company donates proceeds and product to a local, volunteer-based vegan/ vegetarian kitchen dedicated to serving free meals to the elder community - a population often unable to provide or cook for themselves.

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