Most store-bought candles are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product which has been found to release harmful fumes when burned. Although the toxic effects are known and have been studied, paraffin wax-based candles continue to be the most common candles on the market

Luckily, soy and palm-based candles are increasing in popularity; however, the production of these ingredients still results in destructive practices, known to contribute to deforestation and significant loss of habitat to many native species.

Ultimately, beeswax candles, although not vegan, are the most environmentally-conscious candles, as the wax is carefully harvested, and is biodegradable, clean burning and chemical free.

Additionally, beeswax candles are believed to emit negative ions that purify and cleanse the air and vitalize the body and soul by means of chemical processes that produce serotonin and alleviate depressive symptoms.

LesRuches takes special care to source and manufacture within the United States, and ensures a quality, luxury candle with minimal environmental impacts.

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