With the desire to lower our dependence on single-use, mass-produced items, Jason Fox creates handcrafted ceramics to be used and passed down for generations.

Jason sources his clay in-state from Southern California, and he creates and fires locally in Los Angeles, just blocks from his home. Each piece is created with vision and thought, meant to be unique and timeless.

Jason Fox Ceramics |

“It (ceramics) touches where we’ve all come from. Things didn’t used to be popped out by IKEA. I think there’s value in it and I hope everybody at some point can find something they’re drawn to—some artist, some craftsman—it just feels different,” said Jason.

As an avid surfer and nature lover, Jason hopes to create a product to help combat the plastics problem plaguing our oceans and lands. Together, we must migrate away from plastics, and towards a future of reusable, hopefully handcrafted items.

“The goal of leaving this place better than we got it is the minimum. We have some real cleaning up to do, and if I can provide a ceramic piece that’s made out of clay and porcelain rather than endless one-use products, then let’s do it,” said Jason. “As nature lovers, even if you’re not a big outdoors person, you have to respect that this is our home on the grand scale, and we’ve got to start doing right by the next generation because they’re in a heap of trouble if we don’t start doing our part.”

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