Healthy Seas

The world’s oceans are deep, dark and vast, home to many creatures known and unknown. These waters stretch for miles beneath the surface, hiding various shipwrecks, lost cargos, forgotten treasures and littered waste, but most importantly, providing a home to 65% of the Earth’s living creatures. Our seas are immense and seemingly limitless, but the debris and various pollution that continue to litter these waters have a great impact on the life there, and a solution must be found, or maybe, has already been discovered.

Healthy Seas was formed in 2013 as a collaborative effort between one nonprofit organization, Ghost Diving, and two sustainable businesses, Aquafil and Star Sock, to clean our oceans and repurpose waste into a useful and reusable product.

Ghost Diving and its volunteer divers have long been skimming the floors of the North Sea, searching for shipwrecks and recovering ghost nets. Although our oceans are littered with various forms of waste, these wreckage sites are often breeding grounds for marine life, and frequently kill wildlife that attempt to nest from net entanglement.

Since 2013, Healthy Seas and its partners have collected over 510 tons of fishing nets, helping to clean our oceans and rehabilitate marine habitats. In order to do this, Healthy Seas has developed relationships with 27 fishing communities in and around the North, Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. By 2020, Healthy Seas hopes to expand its reach to other countries, including the U.S.