In an effort to further promote sustainability, FRAMIORE offers a DHL Green shipping option (where available) and donates funding to tree planting organizations that help offset the use of textile resources. With the help of a cultural consultant, the brand also seeks to give back a portion of profits to entities serving the needs of the ethnic population represented by each collection.

FRAMIORE releases only one or two collections annually, ensuring adequate time to research and plan each made-to-order piece with a primary focus on cultural authenticity and the responsible use of resources. FRAMIORE’s initial “Xim” collection shares the story and heritage of the Black Hmong people of northern Vietnam. Their second award-winning “Spell My Name” collection is dedicated to the Uyghur - a minority ethnic group originating from and culturally affiliated with the general region of Central and East Asia - in partnership with local Ukrainian textile designer and crafter Veronica Bovuch. Both collections are crafted in collaboration with Austrian clothing designer Daryna Eder. Every machine-washable item is thoroughly tested for durability and features high-quality TENCEL fabric, which is ideal for all-season comfort and requires fewer resources for production.

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