“Not everybody lives a 100% vegan lifestyle, and we totally get that - we aren’t the ‘vegan police.’ We’re just trying to cause a little less harm to animals, people, and the planet by digging a bit deeper into what ‘sustainability’ really means.” To Hay and her team, it means using no animal products, nothing with pesticides, and no plastics. Flowers are organically cultivated and recycled post-event, either through donation to a hospital or retirement home, or pick-up by a resale company.

Concerned about the price tag that accompanies such an eco-friendly focus? Not to worry. Everlasting Vegan Events tries hard to keep costs in the same ballpark (or lower) as the more traditional competition. “Vegan events aren’t necessarily more expensive than non-vegan,” Hay reports. “Sometimes, they’re even less so because there isn’t any meat involved.” In addition to cutting back on animal products, Hay gives us her top two ways to plan an earth-friendly event like a pro:

  1. Repurpose, reuse: “It’s so easy to repurpose flowers. You can donate them, send them home with guests, or take them home yourself. And cutting down on plastics and paper is HUGE- things like reusable straws and dishes make a big difference!”
  2. Donate for the greater good: “One event creates SO much food waste. Instead of tossing the excess, donate it to a local food shelter or send it home with friends and family.”

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