Female-founded Ecomask answers the call for an environmentally conscious face mask ergonomically designed for comfort and superior health protection. Determined to find a feel-good, waste-free approach that doesn’t require wearers to choose between their health and that of the environment, Creator Laura Robichaux established a washable, reusable option built on three foundational pillars:

  • Perfect Fit: Air flows through the path of least resistance. Based on the design of the N95 mask used by most medical personnel, Ecomask creates a comfortable seal around the mouth and nose, allowing air to enter only through the filter. A size guide and adjustable nose piece ensure a perfect fit for most face shapes.

  • Superior Filter: The FFP2 certified filter features five layers of protection, third-part tested to effectively filter gases, pollen, allergens, dust, bacteria, and virus particles while reducing odors.

  • Skin and Earth-Friendly: Ecomask’s outer layer features soft, non-abrasive ECONYL® - a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from fishnets and other nylon waste. The inner lining is crafted from 100% rPET which comes from water bottles. This naturally hydrophobic and moisture-wicking material is engineered to resist absorption of breath and bacteria that cause acne or skin dehydration. Non-allergenic and latex-free, Ecomask also offers UPF50+ protection from sun damage.