Corc Yoga was inspired by a place where people talk to trees and the trees respond. The process of harvesting cork is a gentle and respectful one, as to best protect the trees to ensure a full and healthy life. According to Portuguese law, cork may only be harvested once every nine years to allow for proper regeneration. As they strip the bark, the harvesters listen to the trees to make sure they’re ready to give their bark. In some cases, the trees aren’t ready, and so they wait an additional year to assure they are not harming the trees by harvesting prematurely.

Dr. Lily Ros

Cork itself is a sustainable product, being as its fibers are renewable, biodegradable and sustainably harvested. As opposed to other yoga mats, cork matts are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic—a dream for those with asthma or allergies. Additionally, cork is lightweight, flexible, naturally flame retardant and has a non-slip grip, perfect for hot or Bikram yoga. And because Corc Yoga mats are created with natural materials, further ground yogis to their practice and Mother Earth.

Corc Yoga gives back by donating a portion of every purchase to help support mental health organizations in the United States and Portugal. Locally, they support The Youth Mental Health Project, which works primarily to educate and help families and communities to better care for and understand youth mental health. In Portugal, Corc works with an organization that provides rehabilitation for those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.

Corc Yoga mats are more than just a mat, it supports an industry, a country, a child, an addict, a yogi—it brings together people of all ages, genders and cultures to appreciate and better understand one another and our planet.

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