CBD Skincare Co.

Featured in New York Magazine, CBD Skincare Co. harnesses the power of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil in a collection of nourishing, uniquely formulated products for face, hair, body, and pets. Born in 2016 out of dire need coupled with old-fashioned ingenuity, the family-run company began when Co-Founders Natalie Noe and her father discovered for themselves the incredible effects of topical CBD oil.

Suffering from psoriasis on 70% of her body, Noe struggled her entire life to find a miracle cure. Restricted diets, topical creams, injections, steroids - nothing worked. Time and again, she was disappointed and left to endure constant mocking from her peers for looking different. With every day that passed, it became more and more difficult to hold onto hope that she would ever escape the shame, anxiety, and crippling lack of self-confidence - until she tried CBD oil.

Within weeks, her psoriasis disappeared. For the first time in Noe’s life, her complexion was smooth and even-toned with no trace of flaking, itching, or redness. At that moment, she knew she’d found something worth sharing. With help and guidance from her entrepreneurial father, Noe set to work building a collection of curated products using pure, American-harvested CBD oil. In partnership with specialized teams of chemists, she developed and rigorously tested each proprietary formula to ensure its healing and anti-inflammatory effects were perfectly preserved.