“It’s time for a revolution in this industry - it’s time to stop thinking so small,” says Colleen Bankovich of the larger purpose behind her new Bohyne wedding and ceremonial line. Branded by a Czechoslovakian term meaning “god/ goddess,” every “timeless traditional” Bohyne design intentionally blurs the lines between classic and modern, high-brow and accessible, “he” and “she.”

Described as the “anti-bridal wedding collection,” Bohyne defies the overly-gendered confines of traditional bridal, daring to re-imagine a more broadly inclusive concept of ceremonial fashion - inclusive of all genders and people, inclusive of the Earth and its creatures. “Sustainable” is no buzzword here. “As a mother, I’m responsible for the legacy I leave behind for my children,” says Bankovich, “I’m a designer at heart, and it’s my responsibility to stand up for the right things in my industry.”

"It's cliche to say a brand is 'unlike any other,' but with Bohyne, it's absolutely true. You'd be hard-pressed to find a bridal fashion line that doesn't source fabrics or labor to China. Even harder pressed to find one that operates strictly under fair trade practices, with charitable incentives." "In 2019 and thus far in 2020, we have seen a massive surge of 'ethical' and 'sustainable' wedding dress lines. Bohyne is not here to ride a trend-wave. The planning, inception and public-release of our work and our efforts aren't meant to be time-sensitive."

"My thought-process behind Bohyne's brand image was to create a brand that was both informative and luxurious. We're not going to sell you a princess fantasy or hide the truth. The reality is, we're killing the planet and harming humans to produce the majority of wedding dresses on the market. Bohyne, plainly, is a better option."

Our debut Deadstock Collection focuses on the up-cycling of Deadstock fabric. Thousands of bolts of fabric sit in factories unused, and will ultimately end up in landfills. With a sustainable mindset, we’re prioritizing the use of these fabrics over newly-produced when and where we can. The collection also features handcrafted and locally sourced Cambodian silk as well as plant-based fabrics including bamboo.

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