Verte Luxe | Adeana Hats Movement
Verte Luxe | Adeana Hats Movement
Verte Luxe | Adeana Hats Movement

Andeana Hats works to empower women to create and share their traditional crafts with the global market. These women are then able to lead themselves and their communities out of poverty, while maintaining the vitality of their traditional handicrafts.

Dr. Lily Ros

In order to ensure their craftsmen are well-compensated and cared-for, Andeana works alongside a local nonprofit in Peru called Awamaki that oversees the employment of local Quechua communities in the Sacred Valley, offering fair wages, as well as financial, medical and community programs to improve their quality of life. Through Awamaki, they have been connected with weavers and artisans that continue to preserve the craftsmanship of their culture by weaving and creating with local alpaca wool.

It’s Andeana’s mission to ensure these traditions that are so unique to Peru are never lost and can be shared with the world.

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