"If there aren't any natural products on the market for me to use, I am going to make them myself. I can't take a risk on my beloved unborn soul." she said to herself

Dr. Lily Ros

We love that Dr. Lily’s inspiration came from a place of need and caused her to do something for a greater good. While Dr. Lily was pregnant with her son, he was diagnosed with Intraeuterine Growth Restriction. “Being a registered pharmacist for years she was well aware that there are some chemicals in hygiene and beauty products like corticosteroids which can lead to or aggravate the complexities related to IUGR.”

Dr. Lily decided to stop using any product that contains chemicals and took it upon herself to research all natural products on the market and only use completely natural but they were either not 100% natural or they were not effective enough. Through extended research and development, Dr. Lily began creating her own 100% natural products.

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