Andeana Hats

Andeana Hats started as the passion project of two women that share a love of Peru and hats. Co-Founders Laura Grier and Pats Krysiak met in Peru, came up with the idea for Andeana Hats on Rainbow Mountain just outside of Cusco, and now run their business from the Sacred Valley in Peru where Pats lives (in Lima) and Laura visits often. Together, they have been able to support a place and its people that have captured their hearts.

“I just love Peru. I’ve fallen in love with the Sacred Valley. There’s this energy there that’s hard to explain, but really exists,” said Laura.

Andeana strives to capture the mystics of the Andes mountains and the people that live there by crafting traditional, handmade hats to be worn with intention and purpose. Each hat is available in a variety of styles that have historically been a part of the cultural garb, and are still commonly seen throughout the Sacred Valley. The hats are all made from regionally-sourced alpaca and hand-shaped by a local family, each one adorned with an intention band, hand-woven and naturally-dyed by another family. Each band displays traditional Quechua patterns that represent a different meaning, so that you can wear and live your intention every day.