Jason Fox Ceramics

In high school, young Jason Fox was the guy with clay-covered clothes, and could often be found in the ceramics room. After instead pursuing a career in architecture and starting a family, Jason and Verte Luxe are happy to find that after all this time, his passion for ceramics still persists.

Like any artist, Jason’s pieces all possess a part of him. His connection to the craft stems from the meditative and addictive element of throwing clay on a wheel, and the drive to perfect shape and technique. Above all forms, Jason finds pleasure in creating smooth, curvaceous shapes with classic, nature-inspired colors and textured gradients. Each piece is made with significant attention, effort and care, from a place of inner creativity, to be shared with all that are drawn to it.

“Ultimately, they’re buying a piece of me and I hope that it would bring joy to their life. Whether it’s a purely functional mug, cup, tumbler, teapot, vase or just an ornamental piece of art, I think it’s important to move away from this big industrial machine and towards things that craftsmen are getting their hands on,” said Jason. “I hope that it brings joy and some sense of peacefulness, and adds some sort of experiential aspect to a mundane activity or some day-to-day existence.”

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